#5 Arduino Mega - How to Configure HC-05 Bluetooth Module using AT Commands? | APDaga Tech

#5 Arduino Mega - How to Configure HC-05 Bluetooth Module using AT Commands? | APDaga Tech

IoT Tutorial #5 [ Arduino Mega Tutorials #5 ]
Here, I will show you can configure the HC-05 Bluetooth Module using AT (Attention) commands.

These AT commands can be used to Check and Change the Name, Password, Baud Rate for Communication of HC-05 Bluetooth Module.

Follow these steps:
  1. Connect Arduino Mega Board to Laptop and upload a Blank Sketch to the Arduino.
    (Note: Don't make any other connection to Arduino Board while uploading a blank sketch)
  2. Connect HC-05 Bluetooth Module in configuration mode:
    Arduino Mega -> BluetoothModule
    Pin0 (Rx0) -> Rx
    Pin1 (Tx0) -> Tx
    Gnd -> GND
    Vcc -> VCC(+5V)
    3.3V -> Pin 34

    Serial Communication through USB cable(Tx0 and Rx0) to
    Arduino Terminal(Desktop) is used just to cross verify.
  3. Enter into configuration mode:
    Plug out  Gnd or Vcc wire of Bluetooth (HC-05) module and Plug it back.
  4. To verify whether HC-05 is in configuration mode,
    LED on Bluetooth module must blink at a slower rate.   
  5. Open Serial Arduino serial monitor and Set Baud Rate = 38400 and select "Both NL and CR" Option
  6. Type following AT commands in given Sequence
    --<Expected Output>

    :Attention Command
    AT +NAME
    :To Check the name of the module
    :To change name of the module to AKSHAY
    AT +PSWD?
    :To check the current password of the module
    AT +PSWD=0000
    :To set the password to 0000
    AT +ADDR
    :To check the address of the module
    AT +UART
    :To check the Baud Rate of the module for communication
For All the AT Commands Download this file:

To understand better Watch the demonstration video below.


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  1. What is the TX, RX pin in ATMEGA2560 for the program ?

    1. I have already mentioned the pin numbers for ATMEGA2560 TX and RX in step 2 in above blog post.

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